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If we're to properly set the scene for Christian Hudson's origin story, the collegiate handsome singer with the wildly tousled hair would be weaving through half-empty tables at Bambino's Neighbourhood Pub in the Calgary, Alberta suburb of Airdrie, about to step on stage for open mic Mondays.

Straight out of high school and working a car rental job that wasn't fulfilling, Hudson frequented the venue while labouring on his music.

"I'd just go to open mics and pubs and just play to escape the normality, the boring, monotonous 9-to-5 life," says Hudson. "That ended up being really fun. Then I started entering a few competitions and those started going well and..."

Hudson's western Canadian politeness stops him from completing the sentence, but one contest, the 2015 Calgary Stampede Talent Search, went well in a life-changing way.

No small event, the Calgary contest has kickstarted the careers of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Kiesza. The night before the talent search final Hudson found himself in peculiar circumstances.

When Hudson's plans to crash a friend's place fell through, he decided to rough it and rest his head that night by the Bow River.

"I ended up having to stay outside," says Hudson. "And I had this encounter with this homeless guy who kind of changed my whole perspective on...


homelessness, so when the competition wrapped up and they decided I'd won I decided to give the winnings over to the homeless shelter here in Calgary."

Hudson, who performed an Ed Sheeran-styled version of "Be My Husband" to win, donated the $10,000 prize money to the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. Perhaps more importantly, it earned the emerging singer no small amount of goodwill and the story of Hudson's good deed became international news. It was this that led to fellow Calgarian and international pop star Raghav discovering him in an article about his generosity while riding the London Underground. Raghav immediately signed Christian after hearing "Four Leaf Clover."

Hudson's first single "Four Leaf Clover" showcases a different kind of good. The heart-melting number about the ultimate relationship would fit perfectly in a playlist featuring Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and Shawn Mendes. The song wasn't born from perfect circumstances, though.

"I was 17 and I just had a fun little breakup and I was thinking, 'Man, that was a pretty sticky situation top to bottom.' And then afterwards you're left going, 'What would a functional relationship look like? What would the ideal situation look like?' And that sort of translated into the song."

If the ideal relationship has proven elusive for Hudson, "Four Leaf Clover" has provided warm fuzzy feelings in other ways. Hudson was named Bell Media's Future Star for January 2017 and he received a special MuchMusic grant to film the video for "Four Leaf Clover" in Ireland ("It was a perfect week," says Hudson, of the video shot in verdant hills and idyllic village locations).

Indeed, the future looks bright for the former competitive snowboarder. Still defining his musical identity, Hudson calls the music he trades in right now "acoustic pop," but that's just a starting point. Hudson says he "could ramble on" about British rock band The 1975 at length, calls John Mayer "a constant" in his life and has an impressive recall of old live Elton John concert footage. Heck, the way he absorbs Anthony Jeselnik routines, comedy may even be in his future.

While it's not likely you'll see Hudson on stage in Rocket Man stylized platform boots and oversized sunglasses any time soon, these interests provide tantalizing teases for the places Hudson's music may go.

For the time being look for Hudson to continue making the sort of shimmering, simple sounds that speak to the young and the young at heart. There'll certainly be more love songs in his future.

"I think the foundation that we've kind of set with 'Four Leaf Clover' is a minimal and organic sound," says Hudson. "The nice thing about that platform is just having the voice and the guitar. It's going to be good music for people who are in the honeymoon phase."

What it won't be good for is people hoping to see Hudson plying his trade at local mid-week open mic nights anymore. Hudson's lucky four leaf clover will be leading him to bigger things.

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