Purple Ferdinand

The London based songstress is reworking the pop vocal while introducing us to a world of melancholy, heartbreak and soul.
Some of the most soulful and striking pop music this year comes courtesy of 25‐year‐old London‐based songstress Purple Ferdinand. The singer/songwriter has silently been making waves as a singer over the last year and a half, bubbling just below the surface.
The East London resident is in possession of one of the most exciting voices in the genre, singing soulful harmonies and creating a narrative filled with melancholy and poignant observations about the world around her.
“I’m definitely a product of my environment” she says, “East London is so musically diverse and in that environment I was able to hear and experience different music and cultures and artistic mediums.”
Purple worked across various artistic media before settling on music, from teaching herself to be a tattooist on youtube (“I gave myself my first tattoo which was of a love letter – I probably should have found a proper teacher, thinking about it.”) She established her self as a writer and painter – “Visualising emotions really helped me put what I wanted to express into music.”
Her debut release 'Beautiful Anomaly' received an overwhelming response from underground blogs and has received critical acclaim from the likes of MOBO.com, MTV, 1Xtra and Wonderland, while her performance of ‘Drawn To Your Love’ on Radio 1’s Live Lounge put her firmly on the map as a one to watch. And you can see why. Her uncompromising approach to exploring new sounds is what helps Purple transcend the hyper glossy format of generic pop.
Purple started her creative life early on, listening to her parent’s records. (“I used to hear lovers rock and rare groove constantly”) When she discovered it on her own, she began obsessively listening to Eva Cassidy, Jonny Cash and Stevie Wonder, all of whom have informed her sound; the tender, sultry Cassidyinspired vocals sit alongside Jonny Cash‐esque depth while referencing Stevie Wonder’s soul offerings. Her signature tone references her musical heroes while sounding completely fresh. Hers is a gentle, emotionally vulnerable voice, spread thickly over soulful harmonies and gut wrenchingly honest lyrics that speak of heartbreak and emotional fragility.
“All of my songs are based on life experience. Some about heartbreak, some about all kinds of relationships you have in life, with friends and family. I think listening back you can hear, a dark, sad, hope. They sound like my journey.”
Using a tumultuous break up to propel her writing, she used the process as a means of catharsis and her songs reflect her emotional journey while being forward‐looking. The elements of soulful, jazz‐injected vocals and production give depth and feeling to her songs, and the acoustic moments (which see her playing her ukulele) adds simplicity and character.
Purple sees herself as a reluctant pop star “I’m not the kind of performer who will have a huge live band and choreography, I’m introverted by nature and want people to stop and listen in. I’m happiest when I’m painting and drawing and being creative”. Purple’s mix of melody‐rich, stoical love songs and autobiographical storytelling is what makes her music both thrilling and sonically fascinating. This luxurious and honest soulful debut, ‘Drawn To Your Light’ is set to propel Purple Ferdinand into the limelight on her own terms.
“I think I see myself as someone who just wants to be able to connect with people. I’m starting to realise that there is room for girls who are a little different, like me.” Thrilling, talented and truly original, Purple might just be right.
Nick Matthews
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