Caitlin Rose

“Rose can break your heart like Patsy, but bolts on a lyrical panache that suggests a serious star for the future” Independent on Sunday


“A deeply lovable record” Guardian Guide


“There's a skewedness to this debut EP which should give it much wider appeal than the average compendium of whisky and sobs” Dazed & Confused


“Her voice is extraordinary. Just wait till you hear her songs about teenage pregnancy, ruined love or female braggadocio” The Guardian


“Caitlin Rose is a Nashville country sensation with a voice so wry and heart-breaking it seems no co-incidence she shares a birthplace with Jack Daniels whiskey” The Independent


“Her voice is as sweet as Saturday night whisky and rings as clear as a Sunday church bell” 4/5 Daily Mirror

Paul Buck
Assisted by: Jacquii Eldridge