Born and raised in east London, 22 year old rapper and musician Jeshi is making music difficult to shackle or pigeonhole. Ranging from ultra minimal and alternative monotone crooning to ethereal drum-lead songs filled with compact, tightly woven raps, he has already started to map out his own, idiosyncratic path.


With an open approach to collaboration and a firm desire to continuously build and improve, new mixtape ’The World’s Spinning Too Fast’ lands as 23 minute-long statement,meshing together Jeshi’s complex and abstract sound design with tight, thoughtful lyricism.


While vocal collaborations on the project are slim (with only additional vocals coming from Camelia and Pearl De Luna), production credits sit on the opposite end of the spectrum; Mura Masa, Lauren Auder, Jorrdee, Reign Supreme, Tev’n, Prince85, Camelia, Oeml and OTGall contribute to ‘The World’s Spinning Too Fast’. Recorded in various studios, bedrooms and kitchens across London as well as an apartment in Marrakech where the idea first blossomed, it serves as a compelling introduction to one of London’s brightest new rap stars.

Mike Malak
Assisted by: Rebecca Bates