Craigie Knowes

Craigie Knowes have been playing music side-by-side for almost 10 years despite only being 25. From running their first sell-out event at the age of 16 in their hometown of Perth (Scotland) to releasing music by some of the World’s best in electronic music such as Bicep, Neville Watson, Move D, Legowelt, DJ Overdose and others on their Craigie Knowes imprint. Craigie Knowes have over 7 years experience in the vinyl industry and are currently distributed by the excellent Clone Records in Rotterdam. Previous long-term residencies at the world-famous Sub Club in Glasgow and infamous Aberdeen nightspot The Tunnels have given the duo years to shape their prized, diverse and unique record collections. Max and Mitch released their first track together earlier in 2017 under their 'Craigie Cartel' guise, gaining support from the likes of Domenic Cappello, Josef K & Serge; proving that as well as being respected DJs by those in the know they also have a keen ear in the studio. All this along with their recent Subculture debut with Derrick May and a Dutch tour planned for January 2018 - it is looking to be a big year for the relentless Scottish pair.

Ryan Penty
Assisted by: Josh Ergatoudis