Grace Inspace

Grace Inspace is an English-American artist/musician/hypochondriac living and creating out of London, UK and Berkeley, CA. 


Her debut album “Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen’’, is a protest album; a funny one. The unusual, character driven lyrics and collaged soundscape, document leaving England to journey through the landscape of the cities and rural communities of California and Oregon, capturing the rednecks vs the hippies, the fact that they're the same thing, the children of that union caught in the middle, sleeping in the bowls at skateparks. She's hung out at a lot of skateparks on the road - and it's a mixed up chicken soup, this America, fascinating, beautiful and disturbing and the inspiration for this album, in that everything contains it's own opposite. It's an Apocalyptic Kitchen. From Paradise Syndrome to Suspicious Facts, the songs tell the story of present day America from the perspective of one of the inheritors of this world


The album worked like a collective with people from all ages and genres, with Grace Inspace writing the lyrics and melodies, playing keyboards,drums and vocals and then flushing it out with friends and family from Steve Perkins on drums, Nick McCabe on guitar to John King (Dust Bros.),Dave Peters (who had first recorded her on a track at age 2) and her father Emit Bloch producing and playing. 

Michael Harvey-Bray
Assisted by: Sarah Webber