Whinnie Williams

Whinnie Williams has the voice of an angel, and, on occasion, but only when necessary of course, the mouth of a particularly salty sea dog. She’s one part Bardot, the other part Del Boy; Barbarella chic cut with Babs Windsor cheek. She has a poodle called Brian and a dad who was once British Judo Champion. Fashion editors adore her, yet she chooses to live in the decade that style forgot -  surrounded by Formica and flock wallpaper, in a seventies-themed, semi-detached house in Gants Hill, North East London, where she sleeps beside a stuffed swan and writes pop songs on GarageBand. Some days she’ll turn to her pet poodle and ask: ‘What’s it all about, Brian?’.  Other times she’ll come up with the most painfully, beautiful lyrics imaginable.  Just like this one – ‘Drowning your sorrows but they’ll learn how to swim, Deals with devil you know you’ll never win’.


With such impeccable credentials, it’s little wonder that Future Cut, the producers who discovered Lily Allen, Rizzle Kicks and Wretch 32, and the team behind hits for the likes of One Direction, Rihanna and Professor Green – were so keen to assist her return to the charts. Return, because, not that long ago, Whinnie was known as Sunday Girl – a musical chapter of her life that saw her score a hit single with the Pixie’s cover Where Is My Mind, sing alongside superstar French DJ Martin ‘Hello’ Solvig and tour with Ellie Goulding. 


Now she says of that period: ‘Sunday Girl, was a rehearsal. This is really me.


Her up-coming releases are the result of a year of home-recordings and commuting between Gants Hill and Hastings, holed up in her dad’s caravan overlooking the sea. In true DIY style she creates everything, from making music videos with her boyfriend to recruiting her best friends to join her 8 piece band to shooting incredible art work with her house mate. Back in the Future Cut studio, Whinnie has come up with an album which, if you so wish, can only be described as pure pop drama; combining lyrics to die for with delicious melodies, all accompanied by a large dollop of British HP sauce. Imagine if Lana Del Ray were held hostage in a Hastings’ caravan for 12 months, and you get the picture. Well, sort of, because Whinnie Williams is one of a kind.