Yehan Jehan

Born in North London to musical Bosnian parents, Yehan Jehan began recording and producing his own material in his bedroom from the age of 14 and combines ten years of musical development through classic funk, hip-hop, psych rock, rock‘n’roll and 60s/70s film music into an intoxicating ultramodern stew. 


“I’ve been composing since I was really little,” he says, “so I’ve always known what the structure is and had the ability to piece bits together. With the computer it became a whole extension of being able to arrange and produce. Those are elements I’ve practiced alongside the instruments, so it’s really important to me. Production for me is just as important as the song, it can go so many ways.”


Although he writes, records and produces himself, Yehan Jehan takes a 6 piece band on the road. He explains, “For my show I need extra percussion, voices, gunky bass foundations, potent guitars and sweet keys.”

“Hazy, woozy, and highly inventive...” –Clash

“the musician who fuses slick 80s pop with funk, hip hop and psych rock.” – Wonderland

“boy wonder swallows his dad’s soul and funk record collection whole, and gives it his own cosmic spin” – Guardian

Michael Harvey-Bray
Assisted by: Sarah Webber