Connan Mockasin

Connan Mockasin was born with a tooth as Connan Tant Hosford in Te Awanga, New Zealand, after the war. At a young age, Mockasin discovered Jimi Hendrix's 'Band of Gypsies' in his parentsʼ record collection and, awestruck, he proceeded to learn to play the whole album on guitar, note for note. By ten years old, Mockasin started his first band named 'The Four Skins,' "because there were four of us in the band and four skins on the drummers kit", he recalls.


Mockasin moved to England in his early 20s to pursue a career in music. Disheartened by the music industry for "not telling the truth," Mockasin decided to give up on music. However his mother encouraged him to make a record for himself, which would become his debut solo album, 'Forever Dolphin Love'. Shortly after, Mockasin wrote and recorded with Sam Dust of Late Of The Pier to make the album 'Soft Hair' which wouldn't be released for another eight years.


In 2012, Mockasin wrote and toured with Charlotte Gainsbourg before touring with Radiohead later that same year. In 2013, he wrote and produced his second solo album 'Caramel,' in a hotel in Tokyo. Connan has since worked with artists James Blake, Neil and Liam Finn, Vince Staples, Dev Hynes, Mac DeMarco and Andrew VanWyngarden.


Mockasin currently resides in Los Angeles with Japan's first Playboy Playmate Hiromi Oshima, where heʼs in the process of finishing a five-part dramatic series called 'Bostyn 'n Dobsyn' to accompany the release of his third solo album.

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