The Howl & The Hum

From different corners of the UK but born from the York music scene The Howl & The Hum was first inspired by Alan Ginsberg's poem 'Howl', which is the call, with 'The Hum' appearing to be a more modern response.


The Howl & The Hum draw on sounds which feel simultaneously epic and intimate, uplifting yet melancholic. From the experimental, electronic textures of The Cure or Massive Attack to the atmospheric, transatlantic rock of The National, via a love of classic songwriters like Townes Van Zandt.


The release of their debut tracks forms an impressive introduction to a group who appear intent on doing things unexpected of new bands. The results already suggests that The Howl & The Hum's is a call to pay attention to in 2017.

Olly Hodgson
Assisted by: Lucie Hartmann
Paul Buck
Paul Assisted by: Jacquii Eldridge