"Chameleon" is the first single from acclaimed electronic act PNAU in over four years. Constantly inspired by the emotional weight of our world, "Chameleon" is spiritually anchored in the medicinal plant culture of the Peruvian Amazon and laced with all the energy we expect of the Australian outfit comprised of Nick LittlemorePeter Mayes and newest member Sam Littlemore.
Not shy of output over the last 12 months, Nick Littlemore has dropped new Empire Of The Sun material (also produced by Mayes), a White Shadows EP (Nick and Sam Littlemore’s project with The Vines’ Craig Nicholls) as well as a forthcoming ambient collaboration with Celia Pavey, aka Vera Blue, all of which provide a true picture of PNAU’s expanding interest, influence and creative energy. Sam Littlemore (multi-ARIA Award-winning super producer) joins the inseparable duo of Nick and Peter to bring a wealth of new material into fruition. Having been involved as producer for their 2007 self-titled album, Sam is an integral part of PNAU, genetics aside. The single "Chameleon" also welcomes the addition of Shakira Marshall - previously a dancer and back-up singer for Ms. Lauryn Hill - on vocals, bringing a new and electrifying layer to the band’s vision for 2016. 
The band’s last LP offering, Good Morning To The Night with the legendary Elton John, went straight in at #1 in the U.K. charts and top 5 in Australia, while the track "Changes" from French producers Faul & Wad Ad that samples their 2007 hit "Baby", hit #1 in several countries across Europe in 2013.
To know PNAU is to know that their creative process cannot be bundled into just one song. "Chameleon" however, is the first step towards unravelling that journey. 
"We have travelled many dimensions to create our new material. 
We are keen to finally share our mental journey with the universe. 
The addition of another Littlemore turns our band into a brotherhood. 

The brotherhood is united and invites all to join us out there somewhere."



Rob Challice
Assisted by: Laura Wenborn
Adele Slater
Adele Assisted by: Jordan Nightingale