Du Blonde

"This is a new sound, a new project. Du Blonde is a new incarnation and one step closer to assuming my ultimate form. Having freed myself from the rusty and bloody shackles of Beth Jeans Houghton – both musically and spiritually – I felt it only right to step forth under a new name and let the rituals commence.” Beth Jeans Houghton aka DU BLONDE


Beth Jeans Houghton will release a brand new album this spring on Mute under the name DU BLONDE. The new moniker is a fresh start for Beth whose forthcoming album is a big change in musical direction. Whilst her 2012 album Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose was a standalone piece of polymath pop, 25-year-old Houghton, has constantly evolved and reinvented herself - a musical and aesthetic chameleon always playing by her own rules.




Adele Slater
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