Drones Club

First formed out of the desire to reconnect people in a low-attention economy, Drones Club are a unique London collective somewhere between the conceptual hijinks of The KLF, the mock-corporate organisational structures of Devo, or the situationist ideas of ZTT (transplanted onto ultra-contemporary pop song writing and production). Their early gigs have been described as part-way between a religious ceremony, and a political rally: guerrilla shows have ranged from the Conservative Party conference to storming London Underground and London Fashion Week. The results, write Dummy Magazine, are "ambitious, political and pretty funny...just like the band themselves." Drones Club are growing an inclusive, idiosyncratic world where anything is possible and anyone is welcome - put out your hands and join the club.

Michael Harvey-Bray
Assisted by: Sarah Webber Sarah.Webber@CodaAgency.com