Olof Dreijer

Olof Dreijer is a music producer, DJ and musician. He's member of the Swedish electronic pop group The Knife formed in 1999. He's been active with many different music and cultural projects that use music as a way to communicate political messages.  
In the last years Olof has also been active with a solo project, Oni Ayhun, playing with ideas around gender and norms in the dance and experimental music world.   
His recent collaboration with Paula Temple, Planningtorock, and rRoxymore, Decon Recon, was a live sound system and record release created to begin breaking down hierarchies within dance music culture. By collectively creating a pool of audio, each artist was able to pull on sounds anonymously, eliminating any connotations of hearing a single artists sound. All four artists were credited collectively on the release as Decon Recon.  
As a DJ he plays a mix of West African pop music, Kuduro, House, Acid, Techno, Hiphop and R&B.