The Code

Mysterious Electronic artist "The Code" has no boundaries when it comes to Music, From underlying rhythmic baselines to sub synths and a rich Vocal which all meshes into the Sound and art which you see and hear today which is called The Code.
- 2014 The Code released their first Project titled 1/11 which was championed by Radio 1 and all major tastemakers online and also featured US rapper G - Eazy 2015 which  has racked up an incredible 3 million + plays.
- 2016 Saw the release of Blue Electronica which was Premiered by Pigeons and plan and also got a number of plays from Huw Stephans from Radio 1.
“Blue Electronica means everything to us” it’s a creative project using balanced mixture of various genres,which tackle perspective on sound. It’s the next phase in our production and sound as we grow.
Blue is the colour of the sky at its clearest, and the sea at its purest. Blue Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music , having its own field from minimal to trance,the drugs,the lights,the sex and serenity.
Michael Harvey-Bray
Assisted by: Sarah Webber