Welcome to a war-torn land, governed by fear and power. Welcome to a world in chaos. Desolate. Boundless. Forsaken. Welcome to a place shrouded in darkness, illuminated only by a mere flicker of hope. Close your eyes, listen to the land, it speaks to you — this is KSHMR.
Mysterious producer KSHMR (as in Kashmir) exploded onto the scene with his first release, “Megalodon." Orchestral, hard-hitting, extravagant — his tracks come straight out of a music festival directed by Steven Spielberg. Since then, his Beatport releases “Burn,” “Secrets,” “Karate,” “Memories,” “Heaven,” “Strong” and “Bazaar” have all peaked at #1 overall and quickly garnered him a rapidly growing fan base. In 2015, KSHMR was awarded the highest new entry in DJ Mags top 100 at #23. KSHMR is painting a world for his audience; each production is a brushstroke and, while he’s only just begun, his vision is clearly one of epic proportions.
An American born of Kashmiri-Indian descent, KSHMR was raised watching Bollywood movies on Sundays and making periodic family trips to his father’s homeland. Though, it wasn’t until KSHMR began seeking inspiration for his own musical productions that he realized the significance of his upbringing. KSHMR reflects, “As I got older, I started to think about the people and what I saw in India more and more - it's been hugely inspirational to starting KSHMR. Dance music is unique from pop in that it allows you to use stranger melodies and chords. Indian music does the same and it's incredibly exciting to me to find ways to bridge the two.” KSHMR will play Coachella in April.
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