One of the most exciting young talents to emerge from London as of late, new kid on the block GIRLI announces the release of new track ‘ASBOys’, the B-side to her recent release ‘So You Think You Can Fuck With Me, Do Ya’ – available to stream on SoundCloud now.


With the release of her double A-side, GIRLI is set to infiltrate the music world with her exciting, frenzied flurry of what can only be described as “urban cyber-electronic sugar dance pop”.  GIRLI has kicked in the doors of the musical underground this year with her do-it-yourself, punk like attitude and explosively unforgettable live sets across the city.


GIRLI has taken her hyperactive live sets across London blasting her anarchic-pop tracks in coffee shops and seedy open mic nights to supporting Wet and Baio as well as performing at the SISTER Magazine launch party at East London’s alternative super-pub, The Glory.  Stay tuned to GIRLI’s socials for upcoming live dates.

Tom Schroeder
Assisted by: Claire Bewers Olivia-Jane Ransley