Recently signed to the wonderful, Sunday Best Records and Domino Publishing, Coco and Holly Chant, started Xylaroo in early 2000’s, having first met each other 15 years earlier in a hospital in Hong Kong. Introduced to each other by their English/Papua New Guinean parents, they have been friends ever since.
The sisters, for that’s what they are, grew up listening to all styles of music, and, when Coco got her first guitar started making their own.
Having left the beauty and elegance of Hong Kong, they moved to the garden of England, Kent, where some of their earliest performances were held in the pubs and bars that make up the Medway music scene. It was here they began to hone their distinct sound, full of strange lyrics, sweet harmonies and soothing melodies.
Their music comes from their experiences, growing up in Asia and Europe, their Papua New Guinean roots and the time they now spend in east London.
Being heavily influenced by old American country, folk and blues they try to keep things uncomplicated.
Simple, easy, and soulful – Let’s say that’s what Xylaroo means.