London trio HÆLOS announce full details of their debut EP ‘Earth Not Above’, due for release on Matador Records on June 1st.


The new EP, which features the recently shared title track along with 3 brand new songs – ‘Cloud Nine’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Ethyr’ – sees HÆLOS take another exciting step forward which further demonstrates the band’s ability to create mesmerizing and vividly cinematic electronic pop. Each one of their tracks seems to map the long journey from desperation to relief, stress to sanctuary – the basic dynamic of urban life. Calling to mind the same deserted dawn high streets stalked by the music of Massive Attack, Portishead and other electronic artists who spent the 90’s finding the pain after the rave, each HÆLOS track sounds like a ritual; a way to cope. In a world that has forgotten about the chillout room, those rituals and coping strategies are more vital than ever.