Mikael Seifu

Ethiopian electronic music producer Mikael Seifu returns with his first offering of 2016, Zelalem, his debut EP on Brooklyn, NY based label RVNG Intl.
Zelalem is an ode to – and a fearless break from – the storied lineage of Ethiopian music.
The literal Amharic translation of Zelalem is “eternity,” and through Seifu’s conceptual frame it becomes a “vector of light.” Seifu shines this light on the music of his home country while guiding us through an uncharted “Ethiopiyawi Electronic” – a coinage Seifu uses to describe the music he and his peers are producing in Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis-Ababa.
Mikael’s music does not westernize or electronicize extant Ethiopian music. Instead, Seifu uses Ethio-Jazz’s spirit of brewing estranged styles for his own musical tincturing. Seifu’s passion above all else is to create something befitting of its time, yet “eternally Ethiopian.” The latter phrase was the mantra guiding Seifu through the creation of Zelalem, and a source of inspiration for the cover artwork. 
Zelalem, follows 2015's “The Lost Drum Beat” and its B-side, the 13-minute epic, “Brass,” which was released on Washington, D.C. label 1432 R
Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Seifu attended the French school Lycee Guebre-Mariam as a child, and went on to study music production & the music industry at Ramapo College of New Jersey, a small school about 45 minutes outside of Manhattan. Here Seifu met a mentor in Ben Neill, the composer and music technologist who trained with La Monte Young. Seifu was inspired by Neil to take serious his calling in music. 
After his time at Ramapo, Seifu traveled back to Addis Ababa where he currently runs his recording studio, a hub for the perceptive & open-minded musicians of Addis Ababa, and continues to help cultivate & grow the local electronic & Ethiopian experimental music scene.
His 2014 debut Yarada Lij on 1432R draws from a long list of musical influences, with roots in Ethiopian Folk.