James Canty

Exiled from his homeland Essex, for the past two years James Canty has traveled and performed in dives from Dresden bars, Barry Island bingo nights, and Irish Cathedrals on the rollercoaster ride of all-time highs and all-time lows of an upcoming songwriter.
Eventually taken in by producer Joe Wills, living, writing & recording in the confines of Wills’ Liverpool home studio, Canty had only the hope of making “the music of dreams”.
With Canty’s strange and original song craft, Wills’ cinematic landscapes and the two’s unwillingness to compromise, “Love” is a distilled sample of this creative time.
The Love EP, out on Joe Wills' label Obscenic (previously home to All We Are and Mikhael Paskalev), perfectly displays Canty's knack for writing a pop song both intimate and demanding. The title track sets Canty somewhere between Ian Dury and Syd Barrett as the classic South-East eccentric story teller. A subdued opening verse soars into a myriad of psychedelic harpsichords, synthesisers, and a Philip Glass inspired arpeggiator.
'Putney Bridge' demonstrates Canty’s impressive span of influence; a nod to the great Belgian Chanson legend, Jacques Brel. With the pin-drop sparse production giving full space for the swelling strings section bursting from the dark heart of Billie Holliday herself.
The final song of the record, Burning Alive, exclaims “Baby I’m an ordinary guy / Baby I’m Burning Alive”. Sonically speaking, Wills and Canty hold our hands down the rabbit hole where we are seen off with a fat, sluggish guitar riff and a haunting spaghetti western strings that ‘came to Canty in a dream’. A finale that affirms this record as a bold and highly imaginative piece of work.
Here’s hoping for much more from this exciting partnership and much more from James Canty.
David Exley
Assisted by: Richard Mutimer richard.mutimer@CodaAgency.com