Junior Empire

Junior Empire are an exciting oddity in today's pop landscape. This eclectic 5-piece formed in London, but includes members from all over the world. 


Drawing influence from as far and wide as Daft Punk, Arcade Fire and The Killers, the result is an energetic and refreshingly emotive sonic landscape. Whether it's lead singer Jacky Scott's distinct vocals, the use of sporadic violin hooks, or the addition of grungy electric guitar, every track takes you on a journey through Junior Empire's unique world of modern, intricate pop. 


Junior Empire’s first track, ‘West Coast’, a track about overcoming heartbreak on the road, went straight to number 1 on the HypeMachine charts and has already racked up well over 1 million plays on Spotify. 'LA is a mad place. With so many high-flyers and broken dreams, there was inspiration on every street corner.' Jacky explains. 'We'd never seen anything like it and spent most our time out there trying to figure out what the fuck was happening.'  


The band have a simple outlook on recent track  ‘Danger’, ‘this song is straight up lust… which sometimes feels like love. But then you remember you're just wasted.’ The musicality however, has a lot more depth to it. ‘This song took ages to get right.' Jacky says. 'We just wanted to make a dance track, a-la JUSTICE, but what came out sounded dark and eery. It’s a cool mix.’ Annie Mac included ‘Danger’ in her BBC Radio 1 list of NewNames at the end of 2016.


RadioX named the band one of their top 10 acts to look out for in 2017, as well as a number of Spotify and Apple Music playlists. The band's third single, 'Decide', sparked some international interest, being playlisted on French radio station RTL2.

Alex Hardee
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