Kelvin Jones

This hugely talented 19 year old is already somewhat of a sensation with a huge buzz surrounding him. Having posted his track “Call You Home” on Youtube at the beginning of 2014, it found its way on to Reddit and was then subsequently discovered by researchers on Good Morning America. This exposure meant the track was viewed over one million times in the space of 24 hours and gained him a substantial fanbase in the UK, Europe and across the world.
Offers from labels and publishers soon followed, with Epic & Four Music winning the race to this rising star’s signature in a joint venture with Sony Music.
 Kelvin will release his debut album in 2015.
Kelvin’s songs mix simple pop melodies with beautiful, soulful vocals. Says Kelvin: “My love for blues is matched by my love of good quality pop music. I love pop and blues so I find that often my challenge when writing is to try to bring those two together. I would describe my sound as the fusion of those two passions.”
Alex Hardee
Assisted by: Nicole Selke