No Wyld

No Wyld stand at a juncture of musical genres, art forms, and cultures. With upbringings literally spanning the globe and backgrounds in the fashion and architecture worlds, the New Zealand trio—Mo Kheir, Brandon Black, and Joe Pascoe—first congregated while attending the University of Auckland. Born to Sudanese parents, Mo relocated to Auckland as a kid, eventually pursuing a creative degree in architecture alongside Joe. Brandon’s major in music and film gave the boys unfettered and unlimited studio access when they began writing together in 2010.

“We all had our hands in a few creative pots,” asserts Mo. “It embedded the idea that you could apply one outlet to different endeavors. We found it wasn’t a huge jump from designing backgrounds or spaces to writing songs.”

“It’s all the same mechanism and design process,” adds Brandon. “We started bringing together all of the things that inspired us.”

Their inimitable and idiosyncratic approach yields a cinematic sonic alchemy of alternative, hip-hop, indie, and electronic.

2013’s Abstract EP resounded worldwide. Its lead-off “Odyssey” soundtracked a prominent McDonald’s spot during the Winter Sochi Olympics, while the guys gained notice from MTV IggyPigeons and Planes, and numerous other tastemakers. As the buzz grew, they signed a deal with Columbia Records mid-2014.



James Whitting
Assisted by: Flo Noseda