Astronomyy is the only artist in the world channeling what is, according to his Soundcloud page, the Surf/Urban route. 25 years old and from rural Worcestershire, England - not that in this day and age it makes any real difference where someone is from, "I grew up on the Internet" Astronomyy only became "a thing" last May. The name comes from his love of all things astral and now the Astronomyy Soundcloud and Spotify pages are dusted with great tracks. 
While he works on his debut album, there are some wonderful places to start listening. A brace of early songs – Don’t Need You and Things I’d Do For You – are a brilliant entry point and have now racked up well over a million Soundcloud plays between them. Then came Astronomyy’s first official release, the There For U EP on his own Lunar Surf label, which over four tracks cemented Astronomyy as one of our brightest new talents. EP track Pack of Wolves confronts those scavengers who steal your ideas and pretend they're their own - and was inspired by a real incident. The almost sleazy sounding U Make Me Feel Good was inspired by travels to the Far East in early 2014. Meanwhile, Swim Deeper came from watching people trying to impress someone early on in their relationship, then stop trying when they’d got their feet under the table. 
When people hear my music, I want them to understand who I am. I’m quite a reserved person; so my music's not conceited; it’s kind of cool and it's kind of overly polished, it’s kind of lowbrow and it’s kind of highbrow at the same time"
What you're trying to say is it has balance. "Yes!" he laughs. "Exactly."
Alex Hardee
Assisted by: Nicole Selke
Andy Clayton