Elijah & Skilliam

Having appeared weekly on London’s pioneering radio station, Rinse FM, since 2008, Elijah & Skilliam have been a visible and accessible outlet for emerging producers for the entirety of that time. With their open source approach to the show culminating in two things, the release of their Rinse: 17 mix in 2011 and the founding of their Butterz label the year before, their names and the Butterz brand have become intrinsically linked with the cutting edge of grime music and in-house artists like Swindle, Royal T, Flava D and Terror Danjah.
Working to release grime on vinyl, Elijah & Skilliam breathed a new life into the instrumental side of it, ensuring that the producers involved were pulling focus just as much as the emcees - an ideology that’s since helped the scene expand and diversify tenfold. But, being fans of the genre as a whole, they went on to curate their own club night - also called Butterz - where they’ve been just as excited about inviting respected emcees like JME and Skepta to perform alongside DJ guests (previous names include Kode9 and DJ EZ).  
Sticking true to their roots and remaining accessible, Elijah & Skilliam streamed the audio of these club nights in their entirety, either online or via Rinse FM, before releasing them as free downloads the next day to ensure the music, the atmosphere and the vibe spread out as far as possible over the internet. As a result of that spread, Butterz takeovers have happened in clubs all over Europe and beyond, yet the duo continued their assault on the clubbing landscape by launching Jamz, a smaller, more intimate club night that currently boasts residencies in London, Leeds, Manchester, and Berlin.
In 2014 Elijah & Skilliam were invited to mix FABRICLIVE 75; a landmark release for both them and the long running fabric mix series considering that it was the first to focus completely on grime music. DJing at the mixes’ launch party for four hours, they set themselves yet another precedent, performing with Skepta, Newham Generals, Flowdan and Riko all hosting sections of their set. But with their Rinse FM show and their Butterz empire currently in such rude health, it’s evident that Elijah & Skilliam are still hungry, still happy to try drastic and completely new things and still very much in the kind of gloriously opportune position they were back when they started out.
Tom Dodd
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